How Maid Began

"While working for new home Developers and real estate brokerages I noticed a demand for quality cleaning services in the Vancouver area. The basis of my company is to charge medial rates while providing excellent service." -Maria Castle

Pricing – How it works

Many labour industries focus on cutting labour cost, this makes sense as I’m sure you’ve heard ‘Time is money’. While I encourage my team to work in a timely matter it is most important that the job is done right.  At Maid in Vanity we do our best to ensure all bases are covered.

Some companies charge close to $100.00 an hour. Our rate is $70.00 an hour (two cleaners).  

We can work with your budget, particularly with regularly scheduled cleans by targeting requested areas. Maid for you service.

The Clean Team

There is a method to efficient, detail-oriented cleaning. These techniques are ones which are learned and mastered.

Maid in VC’s team consists of those who care to achieve perfection and find it difficult to leave a surface unkept.

Maid projects a positive attitude. Our friendly team is here to help. Please relay requests through our clean team members on site or to via phone or e-mail.  

Another factor that differentiates us service-wise is that out team members are paid hourly plus bonuses. This system was put in place to ensure continuous quality of service and efficiency.  Bonuses are graded mainly on customer service, punctuality and quality of workmanship.